What Are Some Types of Trees in Virginia?

What Are Some Types of Trees in Virginia?

Bitternut hickory, black willow, white oak and American beech trees all grow in Virginia. A comprehensive guide to tree species in Virginia is available on the Virginia Department of Forestry website.

Bitternut hickory, also known as swamp hickory, grows on moist slopes and in bottomlands. Artisans use the wood to make tool handles, furniture, paneling and flooring.

Black willow trees grow along streams and in other areas with the water table close to the surface. Before the development of plastics, manufacturers used black willow to fashion artificial limbs.

White oak grows naturally in Virginia forests, and property owners often plant them as ornamental trees in large landscapes. It produces small, oblong acorns.

American beech trees are thick trees with broad, rounded crowns. They produce hard, strong wood used to build furniture, flooring and tools.