What Types of Trees Produce White Flowers?


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Some types of trees that produce white flowers include the dogwood, autumn flowering higan and the Foster's No. 2 Holly tree. Each produces different varieties of white flowers at various times throughout the year.

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The white dogwood tree produces white flowers in the spring and bright red fruit in the winter. This large tree makes a nice addition to a yard when planted to hide power lines, and it looks lovely near pink or red dogwood trees. Fully grown, this tree grows to be around 25 feet tall and requires full sun. This versatile tree can grow in acidic, rich or sandy soil.

The autumn flowering higan tree is a cherry tree that produces pink and white flowers during the fall months, and it has a unique, pretty bark. At maturity, this tree grows to between 15 and 30 feet tall, adding two feet or more per year. It requires full and partial sun and is known to attract birds.

Although holly trees are typically associated with the holiday season, the Foster's No. 2 Holly tree is a lovely addition to a yard year-round. It produces small white flowers each spring and does not require a male plant to produce flowers and berries. This tree grows to a maximum size of 25 feet when mature, reaching that height slowly. It requires full or partial shade and full sun and grows in a pyramid shape.

Other trees that produce white flowers include the Northern catalpa, sargent crabapple and the pee gee hydrangea.

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