What Are Some Types of Trees Common in the United States?


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Some trees that are common in the United States are the red maple, loblolly pine and sweetgum. Other common trees include the douglas fir and the quaking aspen.

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One of the most common trees seen in the United States is the red maple. This tree changes during each season, but shows some kind of red foliage year round. It has red leaves in the fall, red leaf stems in the summer, and red buds and flowers in the winter and spring seasons. The red maple is located in the north and south regions of the United States, grows in many different weather conditions, and is an excellent shade tree.

The loblolly pine is located primarily in the southeast states, covering approximately 29 million acres of land, except in U.S. Department of Agriculture zone 5 and lower, where the winters are too harsh for the tree to survive. The tree attracts many types of wildlife, including mourning doves, wild turkey and fox squirrels.

The sweetgum tree, often referred to as a redgum or liquidamber tree, has red fall leaves and a straight trunk. It grows from Connecticut to Texas to Florida. The star-shaped leaves provide one of the main ways to identify the tree.

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