What Are Some Types of Thorn Bushes?

Common thorn bushes include the coral bean, crown of thorns and fire thorn. Thorns may grow on the leaves, stems or branches of thorny bushes or shrubs.

The coral bean, which reaches a height and width of 5 feet, carries thorns on the stems and leaves. This shrub is easy to grow and has bright red blossoms that attract feeding hummingbirds, but the seeds are poisonous to humans.

The crown of thorns is evergreen and grows up to 2 feet in height and width. The crown of thorns has red, orange, yellow or pink flowers, likes lots of sun and doesn't need much water. Thorns grow on the stems.

The fire thorn is a large thorny, evergreen bush that is ideal for forming barriers in a yard. It has red or orange berries that wildlife enjoy eating.