What Types of Stores Sell Kerosene?

What Types of Stores Sell Kerosene?

Home improvement stores sell kerosene, including Lowe's, Home Depot and Menards. Some hardware stores also sell kerosene, including the Ace Hardware Corporation and Aubuchon Hardware stores. Some gas stations also sell kerosene.

Lowe's sells 1-gallon cans of Crown brand kerosene fuel for kerosene-burning heaters, lanterns and stoves. Crown 1-K kerosene is a clear, low-sulphur kerosene. Customers can order the product online for store pickup, or choose home delivery from a local Lowe's store.

Home Depot carries 1- and 2.5-gallon packages of Klean-Strip 1-K kerosene heater fuel in plastic containers. Customers can order these products for free in-store pickup or choose home delivery. Home Depot stores also offer Klean-Strip Klean Heat odorless fuel, which is a kerosene alternative. Menards carries Sunnyside kerosene in 1-quart to 5-gallon containers. Customers order online for free store pickup or find products at local retail locations.

Ace Hardware Corporation sells Klean-Strip Water Clear Kerosene in 120-ounce and 5-gallon containers. The company also sells 1-gallon cans of Klean-Strip kerosene. Customers can order kerosene items online for free pickup at a local store, or purchase them directly from retail locations.

Aubuchon Hardware carries Klean-Strip kerosene in 1- to 5-gallon containers and 1-gallon containers of Recochem kerosene. The company ships kerosene products directly to homes or businesses. Aubuchon Hardware stores are located throughout New England and upstate New York.

Gas stations that sell kerosene fuel include Shell, Conoco and King Soopers. Customers can check online telephone listings to find local gas stations that sell kerosene.