What Types of Stores Buy Used Furniture?

Used furniture dealers, consignment shops and antique stores buy used furniture. People can also sell used furniture online, at flea markets, at garage or yard sales, and through classified ads in the newspaper.

Used furniture dealers and consignment store personnel are often willing to travel to a person's home to examine used furniture. If they decide they are interested in buying it, they negotiate a price and send a vehicle to pick up the furniture. While this is a convenient way to sell used furniture, the seller may receive a low offer as the store needs to make a profit on the deal.

A professional liquidator can be useful when selling a large amount of used furniture. A professional liquidator recognizes the best way to sell large quantities of used furniture. Some options include holding an auction on-site, transporting the furniture to an auction house, or having a tag sale.

The best way to get maximum profit for used furniture is to sell directly to a buyer. Sellers can place ads on local online classified websites or in the local newspaper. It is important to have clear pictures and accurate descriptions in the ad. Renting a booth at a flea market is another excellent way to find a direct buyer.