What Types of Storage Totes Have Lids?


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Storage totes that have lids include stackable totes, utility totes and filing totes. These totes are available in a variety of sizes and styles, and also offer different types of lids, including latching, snap-on and lids with handles. Companies that offer totes with lids include Sterilite and Rubbermaid.

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Stackable totes have indented lids, allowing other totes to be securely placed on top. These totes range from shoebox-size to large, outdoor-deck box size. Lids for stackable totes snap-on or latch. Utility totes are made of thicker, heavier plastic for storing tools and other rough items, and they have jigsaw-style or latching lids to protect heavy-duty items from spilling out of the totes.

Filing totes are typically taller and narrower than stackable totes, and they often have latching or jigsaw lids. Lids for filing totes are also available with handles. Some filing totes also offer fold-over flap lids with the option of an extendable handle and wheels.

Storage cubes, shelf totes and office supply totes do not typically have lids. These totes are designed to be open-front or open-top for easy access to frequently used items. Other totes that do not have lids include two and three-drawer totes, stackable vegetable bins and laundry totes.

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