What Are Some Types of Storage Pouches?


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Some types of storage pouches include flip-top pouches, seal-top pouches and slide-seal pouches. With respect to density, there are high-density polyethylene pouches, low-density polyethylene pouches and linear low-density polyethylene pouches.

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Flip-top pouches are also called tuck-top or "flip and lip" pouches. They feature an extra flip material for closing. The flip is tucked and rolled into the lip. This design is common for sandwich bags and deli saddle bags.

Seal-top pouches are also known as reclosable pouches. They feature a lock that enables them to keep food fresh better than flip-top pouches. Slide-seal pouches, like seal-top pouches, feature a lock. The only difference is that the lock is a zipper. The design of seal-top and slide-seal pouches is also common among sandwich bags and deli saddle bags.

High-density polyethylene pouches, or HDPE pouches, are lightweight, temperature-resistant and relatively transparent, and they are used for serving and storing food. Low-density polyethylene pouches, or LDPE pouches, are not as strong as HDPE pouches. They have clear plastic and are used as food bags and utility bags. Linear low-density polyethylene pouches, or LLDPE pouches, have a thinner gauge but the same strength as LDPE pouches. LLDPE pouches are suitable for storing food in refrigerators and freezers.

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