What Types of Stair Lifts Get Good Reviews?

Stair lifts that get good reviews include the Acorn 120 Superglide and the AmeriGlide Horizon Stairlift, notes TopTenReviews.com. Another stairlift that gets good reviews is the Handicare 1000.

The Acorn 120 Superglide operates on batteries and features three different settings: sit/stand, perch and outdoor, according to TopTenReviews.com. Because of its 24-volt rechargeable battery, it offers a smooth and quiet ride. The AmeriGlide Horizon Stairlift features a waterproof model that resists outdoor conditions and has a weight capacity of 308 pounds. The Handicare 1000 features a key switch to prevent those who aren't authorized from using it and sensors that let the lift stop if objects, people or pets are in its way.