What Are Some Types of Stacking Bins?


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Types of stacking bins include perforated, clear, compartmental, circular, rectangular and cubed. Stacking bins also come in open and lidded varieties. For added organization, stacking bins are available in several colors and sizes. Stacking bins are available made from various materials, such as metal and plastic. Some stacking bins sport designs that allow them to be hung from rails, hooks and wall panels.

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The perforated and clear stacking bins offer ideal visibility, making it easy to find specific things amongst a variety of objects, particularly small ones such as office supplies. Stacking bins with compartments make it easy to organize supplies and tools. Lidded stacking bins protect their contents from spilling. Many stacking bins manufacturers produce bins of various sizes that can stack together to create a more varied, organized and useful tower of storage stacking bins.

Stacking bins are typically constructed from either heavy duty plastic or thin sheets of metal. The plastic stacking bins tend to be cheaper while still offering excellent durability. Though more expensive, the metal stacking bins are heavier and more sturdy. One variation of stacking bins are designed specifically for paper materials. These stacking bins often have lips, clips or fasteners to help keep the papers in place.

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