What Types of Spring Styles Are Available From Graber Window Fashions?

What Types of Spring Styles Are Available From Graber Window Fashions?

Graber has a variety of shades, blinds, shutters and fabric window treatments available for spring and any other season. Styles more suitable for spring are treatments that feature lighter colors, light-weight fabrics, and adjustable blinds and shutters.

When choosing spring inspired drapes and curtains, warm tans, greens, yellows and blues are great choices for making a room feel brighter.

When considering window treatments for spring, also consider material that helps block out heat as temperatures rise. Organic cotton and hemp curtains are light but also effective at limiting the amount of heat that enters. Drapes are also a great options for heat control, but avoid more wintry fabrics such as velvet, wool and knit.

Graber also has a variety of wood and composite shutters, which are also great choices for spring if opting out of fabrics altogether. Shutters allow manual control of the amount of sunlight in a room, creating more or less light according to preference. With the option to customize colors, customers are able to coordinate shutters with the decor of the room.

Another great option for spring window styles is to combine treatments. Pairing a light sheer curtain with a valance or cornice adds style and softness. Visit Graberblinds.com to browse a variety of spring window treatment options.