What Are Some Types of Solar Power Backup Generators?


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Solar power backup generators are either mobile or fixed units. A mobile unit contains a battery and a panel array that provide basic electrical service in the event of a power failure. Disaster preparation companies, such as Goal Zero, sell models of this type. A fixed solar backup generator, which also features batteries and a panel array, is offered by Wholesale Solar for installation.

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Goal Zero sells three models of Yeti-brand portable solar arrays: the 150, the 400 and the 1250. The model number differences refer to the approximate number of watt-hours provided by each battery pack. The packages also include solar panels that can be deployed in minutes to begin charging the battery.

In contrast, the fixed units sold by Wholesale Solar offer watt-hour ratings from 6000 to 9600, depending on model. Although some model packages feature battery packs and solar arrays together, others include only the former. The Four Star Solar Backup 4400, for example, is the largest-capacity model offered by the company. It features eight batteries but requires purchasing a separate solar panel to power the system.

The advantage of using solar power for backup electricity in the event of a power failure is that it doesn't require fuel to use, unlike gasoline generators.

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