What Types of Small Engine Parts Does Robin Manufacture?


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Robin/Subaru manufactures full engines and parts for commercial, residential and industrial engines, as well as engines for use in certain types of power equipment. The company makes camshafts, oil seals, air cleaner assemblies, valves and spark plugs. Robin also makes anti-vibration mounts, connecting rods, batteries and control boards. In addition, Robin provides clips, clutch assemblies, crank shafts and dip sticks.

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Robin/Subaru also manufactures mufflers and accessories, lubrication systems, starters and trimmer heads. The company offers a large range of springs, seals and oil plugs, as well as nuts, bolts and screws. Robin also provides solenoids, spark plug accessories, pivot pins and oil filters, as well as carburetors and carburetor kits. Most parts and accessories are available for any engine manufactured by Robin, including both vehicle and large machinery engines.

Consumers can purchase parts at Subaru dealers and mainstream retailers like Jack's Small Engines. Additionally, consumers can purchase the parts they need both online or in-store. All parts can also be ordered directly from a Subaru dealership.

Originally known as Wisconsin Robin, the company later became Robin Subaru. As of 2015, the company is called Subaru Industrial Power and is a part of Fuji Industries. Some retailers still offer original Robin engine parts and original equipment.

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