What Are Some Types of Slipcovers for Barrel Chairs?


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Generally, there are four types of slipcovers suitable for barrel chairs -- adjustable slipcovers, ready-made, semi-custom and custom-fitted. Adjustable and ready-made slipcovers are usually cheaper than tailored ones, but the fit and designs are limited. Custom slipcovers cost more, but they fit the barrel chairs better.

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Adjustable slipcovers are simply a piece of fabric or fabric plus an elasticized ruffle around the bottom of the piece of furniture it covers. They are perfect for irregularly shaped barrel chairs.

Ready-made slipcovers are mass-produced for standard-size barrel chairs and require tucking and pinning for a proper fit. These are the most cost-effective covers, and in most cases, machine washable.

Semi-custom slipcovers are ready-made covers custom sized to fit the buyer’s barrel chairs, reducing the amount of fabric that needs to be tucked and tied.

Custom-fitted slipcovers are the most expensive as the exact look of the slipcover is determined by the buyer, including color, style, fabric and pattern.

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