What Types of Sheet Metal Tools Does Pexto Offer?

What Types of Sheet Metal Tools Does Pexto Offer?

Roper Whitney produces a complete line of sheet metal fabrication products, including long folders, punches, hand tools, autobrakes and other machinery, as of 2016. Sample products include shears, slip rolls, squeezers, seamers and forming stakes. The complete selection is available at Pexto.com, a brand Roper Whitney acquired in the 1970s.

Roper Whitney long folders are capable of handling pieces of sheet metal up to 40 feet in length to create folded metal of up to nine gauge. They are also easy to use, allowing a novice worker to carve out complex shapes in minutes. The machines employ energy saving hydraulics and incorporates a wide array of safety features. They are available in two models and in a variety of sizes and speeds.

The company's punches are available in portable, bench and press formats ranging in capacity from light duty to heavy duty. Adjustable deep throat configurations are also available. The company's punches department also includes a four-in-one multi tool bender and a universal button punch. Each item comes in a range of sizes and capacities.

Roper Whitney hand tools include rivet squeezers, pipe crimpers, hand seamers, forming stakes and portable notchers, each available in different sizes and models. The company's line of autobrakes is capable of bending up to 2 millimeters of mild steel at once. The machine has a computerized control center, allowing functions such as bend angle, gauging distance, radius profile, clamping force and jaw opening to be automated. The unit reduces labor costs and setup time while improving part accuracy and quality over manual or press brake bending options.

Roper Whitney does not provide prices for any of its metalworking tools online, instead inviting interested buyers to ask the company for a price quote.