What Are Some Types of Selector Switches?


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Some different types of selector switches include coin-slot, lever, extended-lever, keyed and knob devices. Selector switches also vary according to number of positions, type of action at each position, operator head material, bezel material and size, as well as National Electrical Manufacturer Association ratings. Selector switch types also include switches with or without cams, light-emitting-diode switches, and non-illuminated switches.

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Keyed selector switches can feature different key removal positions, such as center, left, right and left, or any position. Two-, three- and four-position selector switches are common, and some are continuous. The type of action at each switch position can be maintained or momentary, or switches can have rotary action.

Different types of head material for selector switches include chrome, metal, plastic and polycarbonate, and bezel materials include aluminum, other metals, nylon, zinc and plastic. Common sizes for selector switches are 16, 22 and 30 millimeters. Cams, or switch starting positions, also vary, and they can be manually operated or automatic.

NEMA ratings determine the suitability of a switch for different types of indoor, outdoor or hazardous environments. Companies also offer switches with or without operators, and some retailers offer replacement operators separately from complete switch assemblies, replacement contact blocks for selector switches and cover assemblies for selector switches.

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