What Are Some Types of Screen Doors?


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Types of screen doors include traditional swinging units, retractable screens and sliding doors. The traditional units attach to the door frame with hinges and use a spring or closer to close the door after use. They may have wood or metal frames and some have screen material covering the entire opening, while others have metal panels at the bottom of the door.

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Retractable screen doors work well for French doors. These screens retract into the wall and remain hidden when not in use. Opening the French doors and closing the screens increase the ventilation in the home for inexpensive natural cooling and replacement of stale indoor air.

Sliding screen doors install on sliding patio doors. The screen slides the same direction as the opening panel of the door and stores over the immobile portion of the door when not in use.

When purchasing screen doors, homeowners also have choices of the mesh in the door panel. Normal doors have a fiberglass mesh, available in either black or gray. The finer the mesh, the greater its ability to keep out insects, pollen and dust. Solar screen fiberglass reduces the ultraviolet light passing through the door by 60 percent and reduce the heat from the sun. Vinyl-coated polyester is a good choice for pet owners as it is resistant to damage from cats and dogs. Stainless steel mesh is the strongest screen material available.

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