What Types of Rugs Are Good for Outdoors?


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Rugs specifically designed for outdoor use are usually made from polypropylene and other synthetic materials such as nylon and polyester, which are synthetic fibers that are durable and weather resistant. This design is intended to ensure that the outdoor rugs last as long as possible through exposure to severe weather and extensive sunlight.

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Outdoor rugs made of bamboo, sisal or other natural fibers are sometimes available, but these are vulnerable to mildew and other moisture-based damage. Polypropylene and other synthetic fibers are dyed when they are created, and they are often treated to be resistant to UV radiation. They can be hosed off and even treated with diluted bleach or vinegar without damaging their color.

Rugs made of synthetic materials have similar variations in price and quality to natural ones, as they are both available in machine and handmade varieties. Handmade, hand-hooked, rugs are relatively expensive regardless of material, often costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars; however, handmade synthetic rugs usually are less expensive than their silk and linen counterparts.

Some rugs, even though the majority of their construction is done with synthetic materials, are backed with the natural material jute. The jute is less durable than a similar polypropylene backing, so many consumers might wish to avoid these synthetic-natural hybrid rugs.

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