What Types of Rocks and Other Natural Materials Can Be Used in Dry Creek Landscapes?


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Use river rocks and smooth boulders along with natural materials such as gravel and tall ornamental grasses in dry creek landscapes. Recommended non-natural materials in dry creek landscapes include landscaping fabric to help with water drain-off.

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Dry creek landscapes are ideal for outdoor areas in need of proper drainage, as they help remove excess water without detracting from the appearance of the yards. Typically, dry creek beds are crafted in areas of existing erosion, or in areas of the yard with existing slopes. It is also possible to create dry creek beds completely from scratch in instances where homeowners choose to install them for aesthetic rather than practical purposes.

To install a dry creek bed, choose the length and position of the bed. The starting point is where excess water runoff begins, and the end point is the spot where the landscaper wishes to redirect any water flow. Once the space is chosen, dig the dry creek bed to the depth and width required and put down landscaping fabric to prevent further erosion. Cover this fabric with gravel, river rocks, and boulders, to give the dry creek bed a more attractive appearance. These also serve as functional anchoring and directing elements. With this base in place, plant ornamental grasses around the dry creek bed, or install elements such as garden bridges to enhance its appearance.

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