What Are Some Types of Replacement Lamp Shades?

What Are Some Types of Replacement Lamp Shades?

Replacement lamp shades include square-shaped, Empire-shaped, bell-shaped, drum-shaped and cylinder. These basic types of replacement lamp shades come in a variety of styles and sizes. Some have ribs or are made of pleated fabric, with top rings finished with brass or nickel.

Square-shaped replacement shades, for example, can be tapered, hardback or softback. These square shades also have cut corners or come with galleries.

Drum-shaped replacement lampshades can be deep, shallow or tapered, and also hardback or softback. Some drum-type lampshades flare out a little at the bottom and the top. Cylinder-type lampshades are shaped like drums but are taller. A style called English barrel is also a version of the drum style.

Empire-style lamps resemble A-line skirts and are more likely than other types of lampshades to have skirtlike pleats. These can be box pleats or side pleats. These lampshades can also have ribs.

Bell-shaped lampshades resemble empire lampshades but are more flared at the bottom, very much like handbells. They can also be ribbed, softback or hardback. Some bell-shaped lampshades have scalloped bottom edges.

Replacement lampshades are also made from many types of fabric. They include burlap, satin and silk, linen and a blend of cotton and silk called shantung.