What types of refrigeration systems can you get at Hussman?


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Refrigeration systems available at Hussmann include parallel compressors, central secondary, purity transcritical CO2 systems, coils and condensing, condensing units, protocol and Proto-Aire, as of August 2015. These systems are primarily designed for food stores; they are large and equipped for commercial use with features such as integrated HVAC units and compressors.

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Some of Hussmann's refrigerators are stand-alone units, while others are designed for placement in buildings. Its line of parallel rack units are designed for housing in warehouse buildings. These refrigerators are large systems with central compressors. Hussmann also makes a line of smaller single compressor units. Refrigerators in this line are called Proto-Aire, Protocol and Protochill. They are designed to work in conjunction with larger parallel rack systems. Hussmann also offers central secondary refrigerators. These systems are heat-transfer units that connect with cables in a backroom to transfer the fluids necessary to keep the systems cool.

Hussmann also has Port-A-Pak systems, which are self-contained units designed for outdoor use. They contain a refrigerator and all electrical equipment under one roof. A line of walk-in systems that have similar capabilities is also available.

In addition to refrigerators, Hussmann has refrigerator supplies and equipment. The company sells coils, condensers and condensing units, which are cooling systems that can be used in individual refrigerators or adapted for use in cooling long rows of refrigerators. Hussmann also has electrical houses, which are small units designed to safely store the electrical components for its refrigerators.

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