What Are Some Types of Purple Flowers?


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Some types of purple flowers are Verbena flowers, Lavandula, Clematis, Campanula and dwarf iris. Other purple types are the balloon flower, catmint and the Pasque flower. These flowers vary in height and flowering season.

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The Verbena plant grows to approximately 18 inches, and its flowers cluster together. The flowers last throughout the summer season. The Lavandula flower puts off a pleasant lavender scent. Its flowers are small and clustered together. Clematis flowers can grow up to 30 feet in height, and this plant works well in small spaces.

Campanula flowers last from late spring into summer. Planting them in a partially shady spot preserves their coloring. The dwarf iris flower is fragrant and short, growing only up to 12 inches high. These flowers bloom from late winter to early spring, and their color is a vibrant purple. The balloon flower resembles a balloon before it fully blossoms into a flower with five points.

Catmint flowers consist of spikes that grow to approximately 2 feet. Their foliage is a silvery green or gray color. The plant's flowers are small and clustered along the spikes. Pasque flowers bloom in the early spring. They do well with a lot of sunlight, and they tolerate drought conditions well.

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