What Are Some Types of Pumpkins?


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Pumpkins types range from traditional heirlooms to modern hybrids used for carving, pies and seasonal decoration. The New England Pie and Jack O'Lantern are classic pumpkin varieties.

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The medium-sized New England Pie pumpkin is an heirloom variety dating back to before the Civil War. Known for its flavor, the pumpkin has typical orange skin. The Jack O'Lantern pumpkin is ideal for carving and weighs 10 to 18 pounds. The Dill's Atlantic Giant exhibition variety holds a world record for largest pumpkin, with one prize-winning specimen clocking in at up to 800 pounds and 10 feet wide.

Pumpkins also come in white varieties, including the Moonshine and Polar Bear. Mini pumpkins such as Munchkin and Hooligan are popular for decoration. The Knuckle Head is one of the stranger varieties and is covered in wart-like bumps.

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