What Types of Propane Heaters Are Sold by Tractor Supply Company?


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Tractor Supply Company sells propane heaters and accessories from brands such as Mr. Heater, Bond, Dyna Glo, RedStone and Manchester Tank and Equipment. The company also sells propane heater cylinders, fittings, hoses and regulators.

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Tractor Supply Company also offers Master and Worthington Pro Grade propane heaters and accessories. Some propane heaters sold by the company include a Mr. Heater Big Buddy radiant portable heater, a Dyna Glo Delux 300K forced-air heater, a Master Gas forced-air heater and a Mr. Heater SunRite certified portable radiant tank-top heater, as of July 2015.

Specific accessories offered by Tractor Supply Company include a Manchester steel DOT vertical liquid propane cylinder, a Mr. Heater 15-foot propane hose, a Mr. Heater high-pressure regulator and a Mr. Heater One-Stop universal gas appliance hook-up kit. Users customize product searches by selecting the desired product's price, brand, availability, rating or type. Tractor Supply Company also sells several brands of kerosene heaters, electric heaters, wood and coal heaters, heating pipes and multi-fuel heaters. Additionally, the company sells furnaces, propane-fueled grills and stoves, and pellet stoves designed for indoor or outdoor use. Under the Home and Garden category of products, Tractor Supply Company lists several models of portable and home-cooling appliances.

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