What Types of Problems Are Encountered by Fridge Freezer Owners?


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Some types of problems encountered by fridge freezer owners include puddles of water, a refrigerator that is not cold enough and a noisy appliance. Some problems can be easily fixed, while others require a professional.

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If water is accumulating in the refrigerator or underneath it, the drain tube might be blocked, or the water line to the ice maker might be leaking. To unblock the drain tube, a baster can be used to force warm water through the tube. To stop a leaking water line, the water can be shut off at a valve usually located under the kitchen sink or in the basement near the refrigerator's location.

If the refrigerator is not cold enough, several things could be the issue. The condenser coils on the bottom of the unit may be dirty, or the condenser fan may have failed. The evaporator fan, which is located in the freezer compartment, may have stopped. If it fails, the freezer may be cold, while the refrigerator is too warm. Some other possible causes include a defective thermostat or temperature sensor.

A noisy refrigerator could be caused by the condenser and evaporator fans rubbing against something. The condenser and evaporator fan motors could also be worn out and noisy. The compressor could be the source of noise, although it generally is not quiet when it is running. If it appears to be louder than normal, it may need to be replaced.

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