What Are Some Types of Possum Deterrents?

Several types of possum deterrents include commercial or homemade possum sprays, climbing deterrents and fencing around the area to be protected. Plant nurseries and hardware stores stock commercial possum deterrent sprays. Homemade possum spray odor deterrents require reapplication to be effective over an extended period of time. These homemade sprays include lapsang souchong tea, blood or bone, mothball flakes, fish sauce and crushed garlic. Check the foliage to ensure none of the plants would be damaged by the possum deterrent.

Possums feed mostly on new growths on plants and foliage. They reach these growths by climbing structures and trees. Wrap these structures with galvanized iron to make the surface slippery and difficult for the possum to gain a steady footing with their claws. For this to be effective, identify every route that the possum might use to gain access to the plants and foliage, and wrap each with galvanized iron.

Protect gardens or flower beds from possums by surrounding them with a rotating PVC drain pipe fence. Cut the PVC to fit to the fence and cover the PVC with non-toxic grease. The pipe should rotate freely so if a possum tries to climb the fence, the PVC rotates and drops the possum off of the fence.