What Are Some Types of Plexiglas Cutters?


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A variety of tools cut Plexiglas well, including a circular saw, a jigsaw, a router or a scoring knife. The most precise way is using a laser machine. The choice depends on the thickness of the material, the shape of the cut and the budget.

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The cheapest tool for cutting Plexiglas is the scoring knife. It's most suitable for thin pieces of Plexiglas. The circular saw is good for making a straight cut. It's better to use a saw with a fine blade with closely spaced teeth, with a rake angle of zero degrees.

A jigsaw with a blade with reduced depth is good for making a curved cut. Use of light lubricant oil prevents melting of the Plexiglas. A router can cut both a straight or a curved edge. A sharp, slow-spiral bit is a good choice for work with Plexiglas.

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