What Types of Plank Flooring Does Adura Have?

What Types of Plank Flooring Does Adura Have?

As of August 2015, Mannington's Adura plank flooring comes in 4-inch by 36-inch lengths of vinyl that look like teak, maple, oak, burlwood or hickory. While some planks require glue for installation, some types use the manufacturer's LockSolid technology. With this method, planks click into place and need no adhesive, creating a floating floor.

Adura oak and maple planks each come in two forms. The Country Oak style looks old and weathered, with a barn-type quality. Essex Oak is a classic style that uses NatureForm embossing. This gives each plank a natural wood grain texture. Light, medium and dark hues are available.

Light-colored Canadian Maple planks have a casual appearance. Spalted Georgian Maple sections show more variation in grain and color.

Burma Teak planks suggest tropical wood with a strong grain. They come in a medium butternut hue. Inspired by an Australian tree, Coolibah Burlwood is richly grained and clove-colored. Timber Ridge hickory has a rustic appearance, with knot, heavy grain and a worn, dark appearance.

Adura vinyl plank flooring is more affordable than real wood. It also stands up to wear and tear better and longer than the authentic material. Adura flooring does not require the harvesting of actual trees, so it is environmentally friendly.