What Types of Places Sell Bricks?


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Home improvement retailers such as Lowes and the Home Depot sell bricks and concrete masonry units of various sizes, shapes and materials. These large retailers sell building bricks, face bricks, firebricks and brick veneers.

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The three grades of brick that customers of large home improvement retailers can choose from include bricks rated for severe weathering, bricks rated for moderate weathering and bricks not rated for weathering. The most resistant bricks can withstand freeze and thaw cycles without sustaining damage, while bricks not rated for weathering are only suitable for indoor use.

A typical brick paving project uses five standard bricks per square foot, while a brick wall construction project uses seven bricks per square foot. The thickness of the mortar used to join the bricks can affect this calculation, however.

A pallet loaded with a cube of bricks usually holds 500 individual bricks. Handymen and home improvement specialists can cut bricks with a brick chisel and hammer or use a brick saw to cut the materials to shape. Some circular saws can be equipped with diamond blades to make clean miter cuts. When storing bricks, avoid keeping the bricks in contact with the ground, since greater moisture may result in stained bricks or increased water absorption.

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