What Are Some Types of Pipe Racks?


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The most popular types of pipe racks include A-frame, U-frame, pigeonhole and truck racks. An A-frame pipe rack is constructed of two metal tubing steeples. A central bar is located between the two steeples with notches protruding from the sides of the steeples. Users place pipes onto the notches, which keep them stable. Organizing pipes by size is simple, and wheels on the rack make it easy to move.

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A U-frame pipe rack is constructed of two half-circle pieces of metal connected by a central bar. This type of pipe rack is most suitable for large, heavy pipes. Users set the pipes down in between the U-shaped pieces.

Pigeonhole racks are most useful for users that need quick and easy access to the pipes. They are most suitable for hardware stores and for the manufacturing industry. These pipe racks are made of metal bars that are connected to make up a hollow box with several smaller openings. Users can insert pipes of different shapes into each hole to keep the pipes organized.

A truck pipe rack usually looks like a metal plate with holes in it. The holes are large enough to fit a pipe, and a locking mechanism is included. The metal plate is located on top of a truck, so this rack is suitable for pipe transportation.

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