What Types of Parts Does Shopsmith Sell?

Shopsmith sells parts for saws, sanders, dust collectors, planers and other woodworking tools. Common parts customers purchase from the company include a dust collector fan, belts for the Mark V tool, toggle switches and handles.

Shopsmith lists parts for 10 different tools, including the band saw, dust collector, scroll saw, strip sander and Pro Planer. For the band saw, the company offers washers, nuts and screws of specific sizes to fit the product. The company sells a motor cord and switch, motor housing, a replacement filter hood and fan assemblies for the dust collector. Major parts for the scroll saw include an upper arm cover, upper arm and shaft, lower arm and shaft, and weight and shaft assembly.

The retailer offers a drive wheel and bearing assembly and a tracking wheel and shaft assembly for the strip sander. Other parts for this sander include a cover label, a frame and an eccentric mounting tube. For the Pro Planer, customers may purchase a feed motor, a sawdust port cover, an infeed shield, an outfeed shield and label, and a speed control box. Shopsmith also lists and sells parts for the Mark 7/Mark V tool, a belt sander, a jointer, a lathe duplicator and another planer.