What Types of Paint Are Used to Paint Over Galvanized Steel?


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Paints that are used to paint over galvanized steel include Sherwin Williams' Duration, SuperPaint, A-100 and WoodScapes. Galvanized steel also requires a layer of special primer before the top layer of finish paint is applied. The primer layer helps to facilitate a strong bond between the steel and the finish.

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The primer layer is especially important when painting galvanized steel with alkyd or oil based paints. If the alkyd paint is applied directly to the galvanized steel it reacts with the thin coating of zinc that is applied over the steel. The reaction causes the paint to bubble, fall off and could cause the steel to rust. Primers that can be used on galvanized steel include All Surface Enamel Latex Primer, Pro Industrial Pro-Cryl, Universal Acrylic Primer, DTM Primer/Finish and DTM Wash Primer.

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