What Types of Outdoor Plants Does Lowe's Sell?


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Lowe's sells a wide variety of outdoor plants including fruit plants, roses and vegetable plants. The most highly reviewed fruit plant on Lowes.com as of 2015 is the 1.25 quart blueberry plant, which can reach a maximum height and width of 6 by 6 feet.

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Other fruit plants sold by Lowe's are the 2.5 quart pineapple guava and the 1.25 quart strawberry plants. The pineapple guava plant grows edible, egg-shaped fruit and is advertised as being a great hedge or accent plant. The plant can reach heights of around 12 feet and widths of 8 feet. The strawberry plant is significantly smaller than the pineapple guava and only grows to be about 1 foot high and 1 foot wide. The plant blooms and drops fruit during the spring and summer.

Lowe's stocks an impressive variety of roses including knock-out, blaze of glory and miniature roses. All of the specified roses bloom during the summer growing season and can reach varying sizes. The knock-out and the blaze of glory both can reach widths of about 4 feet. However, where the knock-out normally only grows to about 4 feet high, the blaze of glory can reach heights of nearly 25 feet.

Some vegetable plants sold by Lowe's are Yukon gold potato, rhubarb and Mary Washington asparagus plants. The Yukon gold potato plant is the most highly rated vegetable plant sold on Lowes.com.

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