What Are Some Types of Organic Scorpion Control?

What Are Some Types of Organic Scorpion Control?

Diatomaceous earth, boric acid, damp burlap bags and glue boards are eco-friendly products that control and eliminate scorpions. Lavender and cedar essential oil are effective scorpion repellents. Plant lavender around the house and use a mixture of water and 20 drops of cedar oil to spray around doors, into cracks and window holes.

Diatomaceous earth contains fossilized aquatic diatoms. They act as an effective desiccant by cutting into small wandering creatures, making them loose fluids and die.

Boric acid is an effective natural insecticide in powder form used for dusting hard-to-reach areas, cracks and crevices. The powder is abrasive to the scorpion exoskeleton and adheres to the legs, affecting their metabolism.

Damp burlap bags act as an attractive and seemingly safe place for creatures to hide, luring scorpions out of their hiding places. Place a damp burlap bag in the middle of the room at night, and squish the trapped creatures in the morning.

Glue boards are ideal for corners and daytime hiding places such as closets.

Prevention is the best way to keep scorpions away. Eliminate lumber, firewood, compost heaps and rocks to prevent scorpions from taking shelter inside any structure. Seal cracks on the walls, windows and doors. Regularly check the foundations and eliminate cockroaches and spider webs.