What Types of Meals Can You Prepare Using Infrared Gas Grills?


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Most meats and vegetables that can be cooked on conventional grills are safe for cooking on a hybrid infrared and gas grilling unit. Cooking times vary depending on the heat source being used; typically the infrared burners cook at higher temperatures and cook much faster than the gas burners.

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Some hybrid grills have burner units for all three fuel types: infrared that uses electricity, gas that uses a propane canister and charcoal that uses wood or charcoal. Conventional charcoal-fired grill sections typically reach 700 degrees Fahrenheit, while propane-fueled generally cook at around 750 degrees. Infrared models usually cook at 900 degrees, with many reaching as high as 1600 degrees.

Infrared grills are used in many high-end steakhouse kitchens because the heat generated allows foods to be prepared much faster, and the quick searing retains more of the meats natural juices. Chefs claim that this gives dishes a flavor that can't be matched with other fuel sources. Caution must be used when cooking meat with lower density than beef, including poultry, lamb, fish, lobster and shrimp, because it is easy to burn the dish. Vegetables can also be highly susceptible to scorching, which is why many infrared capable grills come with other fuel options. The cook can use the appropriate source for their cooking style and menu selections.

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