What Types of Maytag Appliances Should You Register?

What Types of Maytag Appliances Should You Register?

All Maytag appliances should be registered on the Maytag website, including refrigerators, washers, dryers and ovens. By registering a product, owners of Maytag appliances can access warranty information, confirm ownership of an appliance and help repairs and service occur easily.

Maytag appliances should be registered, as registration helps to keep the owner informed in the event a recall or in case another serious issue comes up with the appliance. If one model of dryer is catching fire, for instance, this is information an owner wants to know about.

Another reason to register all Maytag appliances is that an owner can obtain more efficient warranty service should a problem arise with the appliance. Since warranty information is associated with registration, any issues can be taken care of quickly instead of waiting for information to be researched.

Ownership confirmation is also a benefit of registering all Maytag appliances. In the event of an insurance claim, such as during a flood or fire, the registration can serve as proof of ownership for the insurance company. This helps claims move along more smoothly.

Registration may also help when it comes to repairs or maintenance. If an owner needs a part, for instance, the Maytag repair website simply looks up the owner's registration and lets the owner know what parts are needed.