What Types of Mattresses Does Kingsdown Make?

What Types of Mattresses Does Kingsdown Make?

Kingsdown makes memory foam, foam coil, latex foam, intelligent and innerspring mattresses. Its mattresses are categorized into 12 different collections that offer unique features to meet its customers' individual needs.

Kingsdown's Miro collection offers memory foam mattresses made entirely of layers of foam. This collection boasts proprietary liquid and gel foam components that keep the mattress cool and promote airflow.

The Elliptica collection has a unique foam coil mattress. Also made entirely of foam materials, this mattress has coils that are made of foam. The unique foam coils are designed to provide support while relieving pressure.

The latex foam mattress, found within the Sleep Haven line, boasts breathability and support. The perforated latex foam and gel foam layers are designed to maintain a comfortable sleeping temperature while providing relief from pressure.

Kingsdown's technologically advanced Sleep Smart is an intelligent mattress that responds to a person's sleep and position throughout the night and adjusts accordingly. The Sleep Smart links to an application that generates daily sleep reports and offers ideas for getting the best quality of sleep.

Kingsdown's innerspring mattresses comprise the majority of its mattress inventory. There are six collections of Kingsdown innerspring mattresses including Diamond Royale, Handley, Haute Couture, Passions, Sleep to Live and Tradition. Of the six collections, all but the Tradition line offer individually wrapped inner coils. The Tradition has standard free springs. The innerspring mattresses also include elements such as natural wool and silk, gel foam, memory foam and foam coils.