What Types of Lockable Storage Bins Are There?


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Stackable boxes, chests, keepsake boxes and hazardous material containers are all types of lockable storage bins. Storage bins also vary by material; some choices include solid wood, wooden crate, metal, plastic and cardboard. Boxes made of combined materials are also available. Different types of locks on storage bins include lock and key, padlock, combination locks and child-proof locks. There are numerous types of lockable storage bin designs available to buyers as well.

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Stackable boxes come in several sizes. Their lids and tops are specifically shaped and sized so that each smaller bin can be stacked on top of the larger one. This type of storage bin is best for situations when there isn't a lot of storage space available. Chests are useful for storing clothes, bedding or toys indoors. These storage bins can become creative additions to the house, as they come in various designs with decorative carvings and finishes.

Plain chests are available as well. Some chests made of wood can be strong enough for outdoor use. Keepsake boxes usually come in small sizes, as their purpose is to store jewelry and other small keepsakes. Hazardous material containers are usually made of thick plastic or metal. They need to be strong so that their contents are safely contained. These storage bins are usually secured with padlocks.

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