What Are Types of Lilies?


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Varieties of lilies include Asiatic lilies, trumpet lilies, Oriental lilies, American lilies and martagon lilies. There are also many lily hybrids, including candidum hybrids, longiflorum hybrids and interdivisional hybrids. The only wild lily is called the species lily.

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Wild, or species, lilies are native to Asia, Europe and North America. It is from these wild lilies that the many varieties of hybrids have been created. One of the most well-known types of lilies is the Easter lily, or L. longiflorum. This lily is also used by breeders to make interesting hybrids. For example, crossing L. longiflorum with Asiatic lilies creates a flower with the large flowers of the Easter lily and the hardiness of Asiatic lilies. Another cross is Oriental lilies with trumpet lilies, creating the Black Beauty of Starburst Sensation plants. Crossing two types of lilies in this manner creates interdivisional hyrbids.

Asiatic and trumpet lilies are the easiest lilies to grow, whereas American lilies are more difficult. To grow one of the American lily varieties, a gardener must plant the bulbs in 5-inch deep holes in well-drained soil that has a cool temperature. After planting, it is best that the gardener leave the bulbs alone until they bloom in June and July.

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