What Types of Lights Does Kichler Lighting Sell?

What Types of Lights Does Kichler Lighting Sell?

Kichler Lighting sells chandeliers, pendant lights, ceiling lights, wall sconces, ceiling fan lights, cabinet lighting and lighting for the bathroom. The company also sells several types of outdoor lights, including outdoor sconces and LED lighting.

Kichler Lighting's indoor lights come in a wide variety of types and styles. As of 2015, the company offers over 500 types of chandeliers, ranging from chandeliers with multiple tiers to simple glass shade fixtures. Kichler sells chandeliers that use as many as 28 bulbs.

Kichler also offers over 500 pendant lights, from sleek modern fixtures to traditional pendants in antique bronze. They sell pendant lights for many purposes and locations, including over the kitchen island and in the foyer.

Over 600 wall-mounted bathroom lights are available from Kichler Lighting. These also come in many different styles and sizes, from single-bulb fixtures to bath strip fixtures with up to 12 bulbs.

Kichler offers almost 300 different ceiling fan lights, ranging from one bulb to six bulbs. Styles include modern, traditional, mission-style and lodge-style.

Kichler Lighting also sells many outdoor lighting options, including wall-mounted lanterns, chandeliers, post lights and spot and flood lights. While many of these lights use incandescent bulbs, some use LEDs, halogen bulbs or fluorescent bulbs.