What Are Some Types of Lifetime Waterless Cookware?

What Are Some Types of Lifetime Waterless Cookware?

Some types of Lifetime waterless cookware are stock pots, skillets and sauce pans. All the cookware is designed to cook using the minimum-moisture or waterless-cooking method in which meats baste in their own juices and vegetables can be cooked and steamed without large amounts of water.

The minimum-moisture cooking method is different from other cooking methods in that the Lifetime cookware is designed to form a water seal that keeps steam from escaping the pan, skillet or pot while the food is cooking.

To cook following the waterless method, begin by selecting the appropriate Lifetime cookware item. The minimum-moisture method works best when the pan, skillet or pot is filled to at least two-thirds capacity with food. Only use the cookware's designated lid while cooking, and the diameter of the stove burner should not exceed the diameter of the cookware.

When cooking vegetables, it is best to place them in the cookware and cover them in water. Immediately pour the water out of the cookware so that a small amount is left clinging to the vegetables. Next, cover the cookware and cook the food over medium heat. Steam should begin to emit from the pot after about three to five minutes. Spin the lid of the cookware until it doesn't encounter any resistance. This forms the water seal which keeps the steam from escaping.

Reduce the heat to low, and continue to cook the food until it is done.