What Are Some Types of Leaf Gutter Guards?

What Are Some Types of Leaf Gutter Guards?

Solid gutter covers, fine mesh gutter covers, foam inserts and brush-style inserts are some of the types of gutter guards available. Nylon and other filter-type gutter guards are also available.

Solid gutter covers are made from vinyl or metal and are designed to cover the entire gutter to prevent debris from entering. Solid gutter guards vary in design, but some options feature a long, thin opening near the edge of the device that allows rainwater to enter the gutter.

Fine mesh gutter covers also cover the entire gutter and are attached to the gutter with screws or other fasteners. Fine mesh gutter covers are made from metal or vinyl and have small holes along the length of the cover that allow water to drain through the guard.

Foam inserts, nylon and filter-style gutter guards are placed inside the gutter and are typically held in place by a bead of caulk along the back of the guard. Brush-style guards are simply laid inside the gutter.

Heated gutter guards are also an option. Heated guards are installed in a manner similar to fine-mesh or solid gutter guards and typically feature a heated cable that is connected to the home's electrical system. Heated guards are designed to prevent ice dams from forming in the gutter.