What Types of Landscape Rocks and Stones Are Available to Purchase?

types-landscape-rocks-stones-available-purchase Credit: Nacivet/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

Types of landscape rocks and stones that are available for purchase include red lava stone, pea pebbles, ash beach polished pebbles, granite, copper tempered fire glass and purple quartz. Normally, the desired utility of the landscape rock or stone determines the type that should be used.

For example, pea pebbles are generally used for ground covering in tight areas because of their smaller size, while lava stone and polished pebbles are used to accentuate certain aspects of a garden or landscape. Because of their large size, boulders are used as focal points of a landscape, as they tend to draw the viewer's eye, while colored rock, like purple quartz, can add diversity and flare.

Companies that sell bulk landscaping rock include The Home Depot and Minnesota-based Gertens. The Home Depot specializes in mainly pebbles, including egg rock Caribbean beach pebbles, rain forest grade A black polished pebbles and unpolished Mexican beach pebbles. The Home Depot website also sells a limited number of boulders and types of tempered reflected glass.

Gertens ships all over the United States and has a large inventory of landscaping rocks and stones. Examples include St. Cloud granite, pink Sioux quarts, minus limestone and granite sand. Each of the bulk rock listings on the website includes a picture, as well as shipping information.