What Are the Types of Japanese Maple Trees?

What Are the Types of Japanese Maple Trees?

While there are three main cultivars within the Japanese Maples, the cold-hardy Acer japonicum are the ones most commonly identified as such. Due to their resistance to cold, japonicums display varied and beautiful fall foliage.

There are great variations within the Acer japonicum cultivar. The “Dancing Peacock” variety grows up to 14 feet tall, and is most comfortable in either full sun or part shade. This variety has a dense leaf covering that resembles peacocks. During the fall, the leaves show deep shades of scarlet and orange, which give the foliage the appearance of flames.

The “Green Cascade” maples have bright green leaves that turn into faint tones of yellow, orange and red during the fall. This variety only reaches approximately 4 feet in height

The Aka hosada is strikingly different, growing only to approximately 6 to 8 feet. It has deep-red and purple strap leaves, and holds its color beautifully during hot summers.

The “Hupps Dwarf” variety is strikingly different in comparison to other Japanese Maples. These trees grow approximately 2 to 3 feet over a span of ten years. New leaves display pink tips that slowly turn green as they mature. During the fall, the dense leaves turn to deep shades of orange and red.