What Types of Interior Doors Does Masonite Carry?

What Types of Interior Doors Does Masonite Carry?

Masonite carries seven types of interior doors. These door models include molded panel, wood panel, MDF panel, wood French, MDF French, wood louver and wood flush.

Molded panel doors are made of an eco-friendly wood composite. They are durable and resist shrinking, warping, and cracking. Primed and ready to paint, molded panel doors are available in both solid core and hollow core designs to provide different weights.

Masonite's wood panel doors are constructed with real wood grain and are available in 19 different designs as of 2015. They are both stainable and paintable.

MDF panel doors feature an authentic rail and stile design and are constructed with MDF, or medium density fiber. Like a molded panel door, MDF panel doors resist shrinking, warping and cracking while maintaining a craftsman-style aesthetic.

Wood French doors feature high-quality solid wood frames with glass insets. French doors are available with several customizable glass panel designs and wood finishes. MDF French doors offer the same benefits as wood French doors but use MDF rather than solid wood.

Wood louver doors are designed with ventilation slats, allowing for increased air flow in the home. These doors can add a tropical feel to a room.

Wood flush doors feature a clean, simple design and arrive ready to be stained or painted. These doors offer the look and feel of solid wood doors but are generally less costly.