What Types of Insects Can Be Found in a Common Household?


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The most common household insects are ants, cockroaches, carpet beetles and bed bugs. Others include silverfish, fruit flies, clothes moths, cluster flies, drain flies, meal moths and springtails. Most of these insects are not directly harmful to people, but some can spread disease or damage property.

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What Types of Insects Can Be Found in a Common Household?
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Controlling household insects is best done by eliminating the places where they are seeking food and shelter by using baits to trap or poison them. Spray insecticides are often ineffective and should not be used around kitchens or other food preparation areas. Botanical insecticides that do not contain petroleum distillates and are labeled as exempt from Environmental Protection Agency registration are best for indoor use. The best places to use insecticides are around doors and windows and in specific areas where insects have been seen.

Insects are attracted to moist, warm places, so seal any leaks or seeps under sinks, or around showers and tubs. Thoroughly clean kitchens and other areas where food is prepared, and put human or pet food in sealed containers. Don't leave food standing out after a meal is finished. Vacuum carpets and sweep floors regularly. Caulk or seal holes and cracks that allow insects entry to the house. If ants or roaches are the problem, set out baits for them, following the directions on the label.

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