What Types of Information Do Stanley Garage Door Manuals Include?


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A typical Stanley garage door opener manual includes installation instructions, features, specs and safety concerns, a parts list, troubleshooting questions and answers, and warranty information. A manual is important to keep on hand for these doors, since Stanley has not made garage door openers and gate operators since 1997.

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The Stanley garage door opener manual is helpful during and after installation of the garage door, since it includes detailed instructions on installing the door, including the necessary tools, as well as what to keep in mind going forward. The door balance and beam sensor alignment test instructions are important to follow to insure that the door works properly. The manual covers other safety precautions, such as the entrapment test and safety reverse system testing.

The manual recommends monthly inspections of the hardware and emergency release knob, as well as lubrication of the moving parts, to keep the door in its best working condition. The manual also lists all parts and part numbers in case something needs replacing. Stanley also has a warranty help line number to call for assistance in the event of a problem with the garage door. Finally, there is usually a place to write information about the purchase, such as the purchase date, installation date and the model number, which can be helpful for technical assistance.

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