What Are Some Types of Indoor Palm Trees?


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Palms best suited for indoor growing conditions include the sunset, lipstick, parlor, sentry and European palms. Palm trees generally grow outdoors, but several types of palms work well for indoor use as well. Many of these palms are generally small, although some larger varieties grow slowly and can work well in an indoor space until they grow too large.

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The sunset palm stands out for its colorful appearance. This palm's distinctive orange collar stands out along with its red fruits and lush green leaves. The lipstick palm features bold red, long crown shafts and requires plenty of sunlight and moisture to maintain its appearance. Parlor palms are a popular choice and have a reputation for growing particularly well indoors. Although this tree grows steadily, it can grow up to 3 feet high or even taller. Once the tree is mature and has the right amount of light, it produces small flowers.

The sentry palm's wide, arching leaves explain why it is also referred to as the curly palm. This tree grows slowly and is similar in appearance to the kentia palm. The European fan is a dwarf palm that grows very well indoors in comparison to other types of fan palms. This tree earns its name from its fronds, which closely resemble a fan.

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