What Types of Houses Are Made From Sheds?


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Types of houses made from sheds include the newly popular tiny houses. Sheds are used as a shell for the house, and then they are fitted with windows, doors and electricity.

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Using a shed as a starting point for a tiny house has several advantages over building a house from scratch. The cost is often lower when buying a pre-built shell, and many dealers offer financing plans to make buying on the spot a possibility. Using a shed decreases the time needed to renovate the house, as the building is complete and only modifications are needed. Additionally, sheds often come with warranties that cover any future repairs that may be required.

Disadvantages of starting tiny house construction with a pre-built shed include the lack of choice when it comes to design. Styles of sheds are often standard, and colors do not vary. When building a tiny house from the ground up, more amenities can be added. The quality and strength of the structure may suffer if it is not designed in a way ideal for living conditions. Part of the appeal of tiny houses is their mobility, as they can be strapped to trailers and moved from spot to spot easily. With a pre-built shed, finding a trailer to safely fit it could be problematic, leaving the homeowner stuck in one place.

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