What Types of Home Security Systems Does Lowe's Sell?

What Types of Home Security Systems Does Lowe's Sell?

Lowe's sells a variety of home security systems, such as security cameras, sensors, detector and alarm systems and door locksets and openers, as of 2015. The store features sets that work independently of each other or can be automated to work with the homeowner's smartphone or computer. Customers also have the opportunity to purchase these systems online at Lowes.com.

Among the security cameras, Lowe's sells options manufactured by companies that include Canary, First Alert, Nest, Iris USA and Jasco. These cameras feature night vision capabilities, indoor or outdoor functionality, and wireless hookups. The store also sells accessories for security camera systems, such as extension cables.

The sensor options at Lowe's include motion sensors, door or window opening sensors, and flood sensors. The company sells sensors from Iris, Ivee, Utilitech and NYCE Control.

The alarm and detector options include those that warn of carbon monoxide poisoning, smoke and fire, as well as options that include a battery backup, battery power only or compatibility with Iris security equipment. Lowe's sells detectors manufactured by First Alert and Next.

The door and window electronic lock sets and openers include brands such as Genie, Iris, Kwikset and Schlage. The door lock sets include digital keypad deadbolts and compatible garage door openers.